My trip down Aspire Park - When, Where & How in Doha
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My trip down Aspire Park

My trip down Aspire Park

Hey, guys, I’ve recently decided that I would go around places in Qatar and write about it! This may become a weekly or monthly thing, depends on how often I go out! I will also write some posts when I go on holiday as well! I will be going to the UK for 4 weeks during the summer holiday and Singapore for 1 week. So expect posts about them as well!

Yesterday, I and the family decided it would be fun to have a walk around Aspire Park before the weather heats up! I decided to bring some books so I could take some photos (@hannahbananastudies on Instagram) and read while I was down there. IMG_4818

I’m doing a re-read of “Carve the Mark” by Veronica Roth and decided to sit on the bench while my siblings decided to roll down the hills and get covered in grass! IMG_4889

They also went under the water bridge and they were soaked right through! I didn’t go because I had my books and a camera so I went the long way with my mum and enjoyed the walk! Going the long way required going over a bridge! However, the view was beautiful so it made up for it.I also took “A thousand pieces of you! by Claudia Gray because I am planning on doing a re-read of that series as well!


A few years ago when we first went to Aspire Park, we couldn’t do anything. If we stood on the grass we got told off (ridiculous right?) and we couldn’t walk next to the lake to admire the view and look at the koi fish and ducks. However, when we went back yesterday we were surprised that we could do all these things! I did get some weird looks for taking these photos and I’m pretty sure the security guard wanted to shout at me for taking photos near the lake! aha ha ha, either way, we had fun at Aspire Park for once! IMG_4946

IMG_4921While my siblings were playing in the park, the rest of us decided to go sit in the log cabin restaurant/cafe for a drink and some food! Honestly, their food hasn’t changed since the last time we were there and it still tastes amazing!

It was an eventful day out and we all enjoyed ourselves. We are hoping to come back sometime next week so my little bro can go back to the park! On the other hand, I hope you like this post and if you would like to see more posts like this, let me know in the comments blow or let me know through my Instagram – @hannahbananastudies

Hannah Fakhri

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