SAFE-Q Survey – Help safeguard food and the environment in Qatar! - When, Where & How in Doha
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SAFE-Q Survey – Help safeguard food and the environment in Qatar!

Food Safety and Environment in Qatar

SAFE-Q Survey – Help safeguard food and the environment in Qatar!


When, Where & How in Doha have teamed up with SAFE-Q to publicise their message and assist where we can in the research.

SAFE-Q is a three-year joint research project involving Georgetown University in Qatar, Cranfield University and Brunel University in the UK and the Western Sydney University in Australia. The project is implemented through a research grant from Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and explores the issue of food waste in Qatar.

Safeguarding Food and Environment in Qatar (SAFE-Q) Project is aiming to develop a decision support system that provides strategic input on management of food supply chains to examine implications of specific food security policies.

Ultimately the project aims to promote food waste reduction as a complementary strategy to Qatar’s ongoing efforts for achieving food security and environmental sustainability as well as contribute to the implementation of the “Qatar National Vision 2030″, thereby focusing on the long-term sustainability of the food supply chain and the interconnection between the four principles of economic, human, social and environmental development as outlined in this nation’s strategy for 2030.

Developing strong partnerships with community groups will help us accomplish our goals.

How you can help:   Click here to complete the survey to help identify what foods are wasted

There are regular updates on the progress on SAFE-Q website  as well as on the SAFE-Q Facebook  Twitter and Instagram pages

Going forward we hope to publish regular updates on the web page and Facebook group about their progress.

Please note that all the information we publish is credited to the SAFE-Q project and we are publishing with their kind consent


We try to keep this information up to date but if you notice that something needs updating then please contact us on