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Why not turn off the television set and go out and do something less boring instead!

The Doha Qatar corniche

Why not turn off the television set and go out and do something less boring instead!


If you’re like me, over 40 and from the UK, then the title of this post may well mean flash backs to childhood memories of horribly presented children’s TV shows telling you to get off your arse and put that brain in gear, flex those muscles and learn something new at the weekend. Why Don’t You ran for an amazing 22 years believe it or not and gave us a weekly does of frankly rather boring ideas to make things or try a new hobby. Sound familiar??

Doha life can be all work, work, work but we need to make time for relaxation, fun and family time so here is a listing of activities and sports for you to go and find out about and make life a bit more exciting!

All these recommendations came from the Facebook group in August 2016 and are presented in chronological order with no preferences. If clubs are no longer running then I apologise but things can change very fast here!

EW gave us this – Fitness First at City Centre, Aspire Active, Curves, Garvey’s, lots of gyms in hotels for a membership fee (like Intercon, Ritz Carlton, etc), Diplomatic Club, Salsa classes at B Attitude Spa…..For free: run down the Corniche/down by Aspire Dome.”

SE told us about the colder activities in Doha – Ice Skating (in either Villagio or City Centre).” I also believe you can have dedicated lessons there as well. Plus there is a full on ice skating team too. Ask at the rink for details.

SJ told us about his favourite one –  “Future International Football Academy have merged with Funki Fitness and are running programs soon so please contact us at info@futurefootballqatar.com for more details….. You can even do it at the same time as your kids doing football or fitness and Zumba sessions as we run them side by side.”

MT told us about her club – “Doha Bay Running Club. It’s free and caters for all styles and level of fitness. See our Facebook page”

NH told us about a splashy activity! – “Dragon Boating at Katara!!! First 3 paddles free of charge. 18+ only. Check our FB page or send an email to joindohadragons@gmail.com. Novice paddles currently Friday mornings 6:30-8 a.m” You need to let them know if you want to attend though so send them an email rather than just showing up.

ER gave us her opinion – “InterContinental Doha the City have awesome classes! Okay I’m biased, but there’s Zumba, Metafit, Les Mills, Yoga, Salsa, Kids Yoga, Kids Zumba, Kids Karate, Pilates…. We’re planning to start a running club too so there’s LOADS to get involved in right in the heart of West Bay!”

THC gave us a few options – “Crossfit is alive and well here. A number of clubs – just search FB under Crossfit Qatar. Sheraton has a fully equipped gym, fitness classes and indoor / outdoor tennis. B/attitude at Bev Hills Tower has a gym and fitness classes – see their FB page. Yamayoga in Al Waab & Westbay – see their FB page.”

She also gave us a shout out for her favourite Yoga class – “Vishnu Swathsti Yoga – Qatar … his classes rock” He runs classes at the Radisson Blu, Sheraton and Intercontinental Hotels.

TS though gave us a more sedate thought – “Don’t fight it. Just brunch weekly and enjoy!!”  Whilst this may well be enjoyable it’s probably not the best for either your waistline or the bank balance!

RN told us about an article in Doha News for a new board games and collectables shop – http://dohanews.co/a-new-haven-opens-up-for-board-game…/

TH –  I saw a great video of Zumba on the corniche . Was free and looked fun!” If you can call getting up on a Friday morning for Zumba at 4.30am fun then yes… I suppose it must be. The Group is named Filipino Fitness and Heath Qatar. 4:30am to 6:30am on the Corniche (next to Costa Coffee).It’s for free! Bloody well better be at that time of the morning!

AA has got his family involved – “Yesterday I enrolled myself, my wife and two kids on family summer deal of Hilton Hotel, with gym Jacuzzi, sauna, pool and beach facilities for 3 months and price was very reasonable, QR4100 for 3 months  … I am hitting that place every single day now!!” I think I would have to go to the gym a lot if I just paid that amount of money, but each to their own I suppose!

JM told us about his passion for Gaelic Games – “If you’re interested in a new sport, then you should give GAA a go! Qatar GAA Club welcomes all new players and currently is just starting back training for the upcoming season. The club has both Ladies and Gents teams and everyone is welcome to come along and give it a free trial. Training sessions are on Monday at 7pm, and at 7pm, both sessions will take place at the new Sheraton Park. So why not give it a go!!

If you require any more information please email us at pro.qatar.middleeast@gaa.ie or msg via our Facebook page “Qatar GAA”

HA asked the group for some help – “Is there a hockey club? I haven’t played in over 10 years! Would love to get started again as I need to get fit and loose the extra pounds!”

And OM gave her the answer! – “check http://dohahockeyclub.com/ and Doha Hockey Club’s FB page”      

MD told us about an aquatic option – “For the swimmers, Hamilton Aquatics runs a learn-to-swim but also has a master’s program http://www.hamiltonaquatics.ae/learn-to-swim-doha.html

AJH gave us his thoughts – “Family members and friends love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Fencing. There are quite a few clubs to join if you are interested in the sports.”  For example the SFQ Academy runs Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes and Clement Fencing carry out fencing classes at the Lycee Voltaire School campus’ in West Bay and Al Waab.

NAA has found her inspiration! – “I joined The Venue Club close to Al Saad Sports Club. It’s an amazing club that has hourly classes & lots of machines with great personal trainers, too. I’m happy there & have lost 15 kgs!”

YD wants us all to get moving and shaking! – “Dance!! No lonely boring exercise keep fit and have fun!
Dance Doha Weekly classes At Doha Rugby Club”.
Doha Rugby Club also offers rugby teams and classes…. Funny that… I would have thought they’d play badminton there….. DRFC is located in Al Waab next to Doha College and the American School of Doha. Membership rules apply though.

PO told us this – “Razor Kickboxing in Al Azizia is EXCELLENT. They do mixed and women’s or men’s only kickboxing, kids classes, Brazilian jujitsu, yoga, HIIT and self-defence and personal training. I’d totally recommend. “

MT gave us a very strenuous option – “Bootcamp Military Fitness is really good. They are running now indoor/outdoor sessions and right now they have a very good promotion.”  They have a FB group as well. www.BootcampMilitaryFit.com

MD gave us something for the US residents here – “There are the various softball teams that play. American school I think and a pick – up game at CNAQ” Indeed there is a Qatar Little League running as well as a mixed team adult softball league at the American School of Doha.

RH let us know about his club – “I run Scottish Country Dancing classes every Monday night, this season starting from 19th September. Email: dohascottishdancing@gmail.com

LLH gave us a star power option – “Rundoharun is an adult running group who meet in Aspire Park & the Pearl. We cater for all abilities and fitness teaching & strengthening the body through athletic drills and athletic conditioning, stretching and delivering running /fitness sessions. Doha’s only UK level 4 qualified Athletics coaches namely, Liz Mccolgan, World Champion and Olympic silver medallist, winner of London Tokyo and New York marathons and John Nuttall, Commonwealth Games 5000m Bronze medallist and Head Endurance coach to Team GB at London 2012.The best expertise here in Doha! If you want to lose weight get fitter or just get active then running is the best activity for you!

We also run Doha Athletic Club for kids aged 8-18

Contact us : https://www.facebook.com/Rundoharun & https://www.facebook.com/dohaathleticclub

She also happens to be a neighbour of mine….

AA gave us his best option – “Cycling! Check out Qatar Chain reaction FB page for details of our Friday group rides starting at The Pearl.https://www.facebook.com/groups/191387597566939/ & www.qatarchainreaction.com/”

JM gave us her favourite sport here in Doha – Netball!! Starts in October. Only for ladies but it’s a great competition. We run 2 nights a week. Monday competitive and Wednesday social. Contact us at dohanetball@gmail.com

NS gave us a ladies only option as well – “Curves! Ladies gym, 30 minute all round workout with a 15 minute cool down – sorted! Lots of branches all around Doha.”

For those of us who like to swing a little bat at an even smaller ball, otherwise known as Squash! Try the John Lord Duffers League – http://www.squashleagues.com/duffers/join.htm.

SPT gave us a few other choices – “Hey Doha, it’s awesome to see so many people wanting to get fit and healthy ?????? some fantastic options for you!

Crossfit Oryx – Crossfit is a full body workout to build strength and improve fitness. Sessions are guided by expert coaches to ensure you get the most from your workout!!! https://www.facebook.com/CFORYX/

HIIT Camp – HIIT camp is based at Crossfit Oryx also and combines High intensity interval training with boot camp style training, an awesome workout to get back into shape!!! https://www.facebook.com/HiiTCAMPQATAR/

Metafit – Doha’s original 30 minute bodyweight only class designed to burn fat, build muscle and boost metabolism!!! https://www.facebook.com/Metafitdoha/

Good luck everyone starting out on their fitness journey “

Good luck indeed to everyone finding something new to try or getting back into something they love!

Some other options for you…

There are probably hundreds of other clubs out there, ask a question on our Facebook group, When, Where & How in Doha and I’m sure one or more of our member will be able to point you in the right direction!

If you want to contribute a blog post about your club or activity then please contact us at submit@wwhidoha.com and we can see how you can get more people involved!


We try to keep this information up to date but if you notice that something needs updating then please contact us on update@wwhidoha.com