Half Term Holidays - When, Where & How in Doha
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Half Term Holidays

Half Term Holidays


Last week we were lucky enough to be on ‘Half Term’ holidays. My parents had arrived from the UK on the their annual ‘winter retreat’ and I thought it might be nice to do a bit of exploring. Of course, this is not so easy at the best of times, but negotiating intrepid adventures with 3 small people in tow can be, at times, a little challenging.


The view from the villa’s terrace, looking out into the garden.

The furthest east I had ever been in my life was the Maldives, some 17 years ago, so I decided it would be nice to visit some more of the Eastern Shores. Sri Lanka, is a convenient destination, only 4.5 hours from Qatar and pretty well priced in terms of flights. We found a lovely, recommended, villa to rent with a private pool, so we were all set. A new place to explore. Mum and dad were coming too so at least I had some help as my husband had to keep the cogs of industry turning back in Qatar, he has a real job!


The Garden of the villa at dusk and the visiting wildlife during the day.

One of the great things about being an expat is the opportunity to travel, in my humble opinion, there is no better form of education. The life experiences you gain from travelling are endless and they enrich your life. Everyone should travel, it changes your views on life and enriches it. Being able to offer my children the opportunity to do the same, for me, is priceless. As such they are pretty good travelers.


My intrepid explorers at Kidzania in Dubai doing some ‘on the job’ training.

All that was required was to recharge the old batteries after quite a turbulent 2 months. I have to say, the accommodation and destination did not disappoint. Other than coming back with a sick small person, I pretty much achieved my objective, rested. I have found that the key to holidaying, with or without kids, is don’t pack too much in! Pace yourself and prioritize. We had the added bonus of a chef on site to meet all our dietary needs. Which, if you haven’t ever experienced, I can highly recommend. This totally took the stress out of planning, preparing and tidying up after all of our meals. leaving us free to do as we pleased. We could eat what we wanted, all we had to do was ask for it and we got a chance to taste some of the local cuisine, which was absolutely delicious.


A traditional Sri Lankan curry, freshly prepared for our last night.

So despite the usual tired melt downs from one or the other of the kids and the interrupted sleep due to a sick child, I came back recharged and ready for the next half term. That’s the thing about kids, they’re reliable. You know they’re always going to be upset being out of their routine, so I try and keep some of it: meal times, bed times, nap times and exposure time to electronic devices. But there’s no greater sense of enjoyment than spending quality time with them, laughing, playing, talking to them and teaching them about new things.


Fun times with the kids in Sri Lanka.

What a lovely lovely holiday!!! Just what a tired super mummy needed. I can remain calm and get on with it……………………………….. until the next holiday.



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