Events COMING UP IN QATAR - This Weeks Updates- 20th Jan 2017 - When, Where & How in Doha
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Events COMING UP IN QATAR – This Weeks Updates- 20th Jan 2017

Hamad Al Amari aka the Qatari Guy

Events COMING UP IN QATAR – This Weeks Updates- 20th Jan 2017

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This week I am posting mainly FREE events.

Have you noticed there have been some Facebook livefeeds on ’Coming Up in Qatar”? I did one at the Laughter Factory on Monday and another at the Falcon Festival in Mesaieed. I have a friend visiting from the UK who used to live in Qatar as an expat several decades ago! For her this was a trip down memory lane, but her visit has highlighted for me the dramatic changes that have occurred in Qatar especially in terms of the events and social scene. She was astonished at the amount of things we now have to do here now that she was so eager to attend as many of the events posted as possible. She was also amazed at the quantity of events that are either free to attend or very cheap indeed. I do this writeup weekly as an expat myself partly because we aren’t fully aware of what is available to us here, but also that we don’t fully take advantage and appreciate what is laid on for us.

So for this week I have picked free events – apart from the last one.


Coming up Doha Qatar Tour

Mosque Tour

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Islam and see the inside of a mosque?

The Qatar Faculty of Islamic studies is presenting us with a unique opportunity to get an insight into Qatari life that seems obscure to most expats. This tour promises to be an educational and interactive experience. As this visit will go on for three hours, I am sure they will deliver interesting and detailed content and allow time for questions.

January 20th at 3.30-6.30pm. Gathering at Bin Zaid Centre at 3.00pm

For more details contact 44701796 or 33363061


Qatar Off Roaders

Qatar Off Roaders

20th January 8.00-11.30am

The QATAR OFFROADERS are an all-volunteer group that gathering with likeminded people who are interesting in offroading, camping, fishing, outdoor activities and cars.  The purpose of the recruiting day is to introduce people to the group and teach people offloading skills. Members of all driving levels are welcome, even those with no off roading vehicles.

For more details see   Please complete the online details and contact them for further details.


Qatar Superstock Race

Qatar super stock 600 championship ROUND 2

Friday 20th and Saturday 21st January

(Round 3 will take place 3rd and 4th February, Round 4 on 23rd and 24th March, Round 5 on 7th and 8th April and Round 6 on 5th and 6th April)

This is a new road racing championship organised by Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation and Lusail Circuits sports club

NO tickets needs

This consists of 12 races over six rounds held at the Losail International Circuit.
The grand stand will be open for free spectators who will watch competitors test themselves in a professional environment

Tel 44729151

Doha Qatar Carpet Exhibition

Hereke Carpet Exhibition

13-31 January all day

If you love art and the craft of exquisite carpet making, you are in for a treat!

No tickets needed for this exhibition at The Gate Mall. This is a stunning collection of legendary carpets hailing from an ancient town in Turkey. These beautiful silk carpets adorn places such as Buckingham Palace, the Whitehouse and Chateau de Versailles. This will be a real treat for Qatar’s art lovers and collectors. As a leading player in Qatar’s luxury and retail sector, I am sure The Gate Mall will not fail to impress.

Hamad Al Amari aka the Qatari Guy

A morning with Hamad Al Amari aka the Qatari Guy-LADIES only event

Do I really need need to say any more about one of Qatar’s national treasures? On 24th Hamad is generously giving up his time to be asked anything you want about Qatari culture. Come prepared for a great morning and some delicious breakfast – TLG are known for negotiating some of the greatest spreads for their meetings!

Join TLG at Radisson Blu on 24th January from 9.30 to noon.
Non members are welcome.

Please email for further details or visit their website for more details about this event and other activities.

We try to keep this information up to date but if you notice that something needs updating then please contact us on