When, Where & How in Doha - What's Going On in Qatar?
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Welcome to the When, Where & How in Doha Website.

Need to know how and where to get things in Doha? Then this is the site to be part of!

Based on one of the largest and most active Facebook communities for life in Doha!

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ITQ’s Western and Qatari led team of multi-national IT professionals have been working with companies in Qatar for over seven years and have...

We are so excited to be sharing our top choices of what is happening in and around Qatar each week. Please feel free...

Purely Honey has been supplying raw, organic and unprocessed honey to Qatar since 2012. Our honey is also lab tested in the UK...

Last week we were lucky enough to be on 'Half Term' holidays. My parents had arrived from the UK on the their annual...

After a recent article on the BBC website, we asked our members about their thoughts on this article. “As a long term expat I have...

IDAM was one of the first restaurants we ate at when we arrived in Doha and its always a restaurant I recommend to...